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“Advancing Together” is a Non-Governmental organization founded in 2015 and we based on the universal principles of human rights, promotion of the values of equality, inclusion, diversity, dialogue and solidarity, and aims at social justice and social development. economic for all individuals and groups regardless of their ethnic, religious, gender or social affiliation. And to achieve this goal, within our development strategy we are determined to achieve 3 specific objectives:

1. Ensure effective implementation of the legal framework and the development / improvement of legislation that protects the rights of vulnerable communities;
2. Economic empowerment of vulnerable communities;
3. Strengthening the family and the community;

Since the establishment, our main donor is the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and as their Partner Organization we implement a project which aims at supporting and building capacities of the institutions of Kosovo (at the central and local level). The purpose of this project is to contribute to the creation of conditions for finding a durable solution and reintegration for the returnees and displaced persons within Kosovo. The project includes a number of components: monitoring and needs assessment, advocacy, institutional capacity building, community empowerment and public participation, strengthening peaceful coexistence between communities, provision of legal aid and socio-economic integration. All these activities are oriented towards reintegration of returnees and IDPs and their socio-economic development and inclusion. Within this project, we have a geographical coverage throughout the territory of Kosovo.

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