Rreth E-Connect

More than a decade of ongoing growth and specializing on Security and IT solutions.

On top of the experience and the expertise, we handle your projects with fresh energy and enthusiasm.

Our professional team ensures to serve customers with qualitative service and state-of-the-art technology

Finally, with every job we deal with, we employ creative problem solving, dedication and honesty. Furthermore, we constantly work for that our customers can sturdily rely on the technological solutions and feel safe and protected with our security systems.


We spare no effort to make all projects excel, no matter what it takes to get there


Handle every project with fresh energy and enthusiasm


Whereas we share our knowledge and expertise, we truly pay attention to comprehend your business and your needs


We team up with you to bring the best out of your projects – think of us as additional individuals of your group with all the necessary proficiency

Our mission

Be honest and offer the best quality of services, technological and security solutions together with further continuous support toward our clients.

Our vision

Show to clients that their satisfaction and security is our concern and work on that direction by being honest, continuously support and ensuring the highest quality services, products and skills.

Our values

  • Continuous support and accountability to clients and partners
  • Dedication and flexible working hours
  • Care for clients’ needs
  • Nurture mutual values and understanding with clients and suppliers


  • Ensure professional services at the highest levels
  • Always have the best products available for the job
  • Constantly engaged in improving skills

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