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Rreth Eco Clean

Eco Clean is an experienced company and US investor in Kosovo, the only one of its kind in the region. Eco Clean offers free textile and laundry services, including hotels, restaurants, hospitals and other industries throughout Kosovo, but also in the region. Our expertise and experience lies in understanding customers and delivering services based on quality, speed and efficiency.

Our Vision

To be the best service provider in the cleaning sector as well as in  Providing ready-made textile products for your business.

Our Mission

Based on the excellence and quality of our work, we enable:

• A safe workplace for all

• Excellent customer service

• Motivated and dedicated employees to provide quality services

Our Core Values

We provide janitorial and specialized cleaning services for all types and sizes of complexes.

• Dedicated to Everything We Do

• Maximum Responsibility

• Honesty and Integrity

• Caring for our people, customers, suppliers and the environment

• Continuous excellence

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