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Gemix was founded in 2012 as a sister company of Orbita sh.p.k., which was a trading and distribution company of paints, coatings, and other construction chemicals.

Through parent company Orbita’s strong reputation, channels of distribution, and network, Gemix had a successful launch. There were just a few products: interior and exterior water-based paints, mineral plaster, acrylic plaster, and mosaic plaster. In the company’s first two years, Gemix increased its product range to include dry-mix products, cement-based tile adhesives, thermal insulation board adhesive, and more variety of paints. With assistance from industry-leading R&D partners in Italy and Germany, Gemix could make products that helped it stand out, not just in Kosovo but throughout the Balkans. To this day, the same quality goes into every offering. We source only the best and most high-end raw materials to create a 30-40% higher quality product than others in its price range. Although this attention to excellence was expensive initially, it helped Gemix remain a front runner in the long run.

In 2016, it was time to expand our production capacity. So Gemix built a dry mix manufacturing line in Komoran, a city in the center of Kosovo.This site featured about 3,500 sqm of warehousing and production facilities, plus 900sqm of office and laboratory space. This new dry-mix line produces approx. 15,000kg per hour, helping Gemix secure its place as a significant manufacturer in the field of cement-based. In line with Gemix’s values, every facility is constructed using the latest technologies and standards, is thermal insulated, and is energy-efficient. Today, Gemix has around 70 employees and its own fleet of trucks, vans, and cars. Our driving force is to keep delivering more value to our end customers.

Gemix products primarily distributed in the Balkans (Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro), as well as in the European Union (Greece, Croatia, Slovenia, France, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, and Germany).

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