Rreth Incodeks

We provide. You enjoy.

Our services:

Incodeks specializes in developing and maintaining mobile and web applications, 
Artificial Intelligence (Chat & Voice bots) and other dedicated services. 
Whether you need to build a product from scratch or take care of a separate component,  
be it backend, frontend, virtual assistant, mobile, or API, we’ve got you covered.  
We take time to understand your business needs and then provide you with a dedicated  
development team whose expertise matches your project requirements and goals.

Our team, your team.

Our core values:

We do much more than software development. We do not only work
for clients, from the first contact we engage you on the process and
you grow together with your product. The specific vision that you are 
seeking to achieve is our mission to make it real.

Deliver in a quality and timely manner. Not only to deliver high standards  
of software but also to deliver in the timescales that align with your  

Our team offers you experience in technical problem solving, we identify your problems, you receive creative ideas and develop high performing software apps

that make you proud and facilitates your life. Constantly increasing knowledge and being updated with the latest technologies we consider one of the strongest weapons.

It takes two flints to make a fire.

Our team:

Great projects are brought to life only by a great team. We believe that we have the right  
specialists you need to create your great project. 

One of the ways to make your life better is working with people who truly enjoy their job.  
That is the best way to show you that we are the best choice for your problem.

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