Maliqi Group

Rreth Maliqi Group

To maintain and further strengthen all the values on which we have worked hard in recent years, as a cornerstone of our success. The values we nurture both internally and towards our stakeholders are part of the family heritage and are deeply incorporated in every segment of our business.
We inspire progress, leadership and entrepreneurship by respecting tradition, transparent operation and delivering top quality, building partnerships based on trust, mutual respect and business development.
Our goal is not only to maintain and nurture, but also to upgrade these values together.


To continue the tradition of investing in quality human resources, implementation of the highest world standards in operations and continuous expansion of business operations, pushing the boundaries of the impossible through cohesion and moving forward together as one family


As a new holding company with a wide portfolio of activities, our vision is to maintain the position of leaders in various segments of operations while providing top quality and service to our customers, by following world trends, applying new business models and innovations, continuously increasing the value we deliver to our stakeholders.

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