Rreth Numarics

In the beginning, there was dissatisfaction.  Our own dissatisfaction with the incomplete financial solutions for companies in Switzerland. From this came the idea to take the problem into our own hands and develop something better.

Numarics was born: the modern all-in-one solution that uniquely combines human expertise, modern technology and artificial intelligence into a seamless offering. A fintech with heart and soul, backed by years of experience and the will to shape the future with courage and passion. From a single mold. Integrated and synchronized. Digital, reliable, secure.


We are ready for what is coming. Our forward-looking, automated all-in-one solution leaves more time for the essentials.


Only the best is good enough. Thanks to many years of experience, our professional trustees know the answer to all questions.


We are the safe haven for everything to do with finance. Guaranteed. Certified. More than 3000 companies already trust us.

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