Rreth Radix

Radix was born out of necessity and frustration for lack of options available to get better, more accurate data in real-time, and our strong conviction to build a platform tailored for the multifamily industry.

Our user and feedback-oriented approach focuses on expanding the data-driven capabilities of all multifamily professionals.

As VP of Revenue Management and later the VP of Acquisitions and Asset Management for Alliance Residential Company, Radix Co-Founder and CEO Blerim Zeqiri was disappointed users spent more time gathering data than actually using it to make decisions and improve performance for the company portfolio.

Teaming up with Eugene Kobrinsky, Co-founder, Radix was formed with a clear vision: create an intuitive set of tools for capturing and sharing real-time market data by harnessing the power of a shared-data ecosystem.

Today, our platform is the leader in comp and performance benchmarking, market research with tools designed to take on the challenges of a rapidly evolving industry.

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