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Who is RSR Kosova?

RSR Kosova is a company which mainly deals with the import and distribution of medical devices, serving as the primary distributor for medical devices from the world’s most famous brands in this industry

RSR Kosovo, over the years has specialized in the import and distribution of medical and laboratory equipment and instruments. The company is now a representative of many world-famous equipment manufacturers and medical accessories from the UK, France, Germany, Spain and many other countries.

RSR Kosova is a medical distributor in Kosova for the below mentioned companies:

  • ConvaTec- is a globally recognized company of medical products and technology, focused on therapies for the management of chronic diseases, with a leading position in the market for advanced wound care.
  • CardinalHealth (USA) – a company with over 50 years of experience in this field, addressing the most complex healthcare challenges, with the most innovative solutions both now and for the future.
  • ROCAMED (USA) – a medical equipment company focused on human health, by offering innovative solutions in urology, gynecology and laparoscopy. Dedicated to developing premium quality products worldwide
  • ZOLL Medical Corporation (USA)- a company that develops and markets medical devices and software solutions that help advance emergency care, save lives, and increase clinical and operational efficiency.
  • AS Medizintechnik (DE) a competent company which is globally recognized in the field of surgical instruments and sterilization vessel systems.
  • Hoya Vision (USA) – a company which for more than 75 years has offered revolutionary optical solutions. Today, Hoya is a world-renowned company for total eye care.
  • AJL Ophtalmic (ES) – a Spanish company based in Alava (Basque Country) specializing in the design, manufacture and distribution of medical devices for the specialties of ophthalmology, cranio-maxillofacial reconstruction and airway.
  • Teknomek (UK) – is a company serving a wide range of hygiene industries, throughout the UK, Europe and beyond. From pharmaceutical companies, medical research to food processing and production.
  • Milestone (IT) – manufacturer of equipment for histology, anatomy and forensic medicine, systems for video recording of operations, autopsies, dissections, etc.
  • 3DHistech (HUNG) – manufacturer of canners for microscope slides, tissue microarray systems
  • CAE (USA) – manufacturer of simulators and models for medical training
  • 3B Scientific (DE) – manufacturer of simulators, models, equipment and teaching aids for human and veterinary medicine, anatomy, biology, chemistry, physics and earth sciences
  • Microptic (ES) – manufacturer of automated systems for sperm analysis in human and veterinary medicine.
  • Biochrom (UK) – manufacturer of Vis and UV / Vis spectrometers, colorimeters, ELISA readers, washers and thermostats
  • Velp Scientifica (IT) – manufacturer of Dumas nitrogen / protein analyzers, Kjeldahl decomposition / distillation systems, oxidative stability reactors, soxhlet extractors, fiber analyzers, COD / BOD analysis systems, cooling thermostats, and small laboratory equipment.
  • Mettler Toledo (CHE) – manufacturer of pH / Ion / DO / Cond meters, electrodes, sensors, buffers, electrolytes and standards, portable densitometers and refractometers, jewelry, jewelry and carat scales.
  • Ohaus (CHE)/ division of Mettler Toledo Group / – manufacturer of electronic technical, precision and analytical scales, calibration scales, hygrometer scales, laboratory centrifuges, shakers, shaker incubators, block thermostats, and more.
  • Evoqua (DE) – manufacturer of laboratory systems for clean and ultrapure water.
  • Binder (DE) – a company with over 50 years of experience in this field, addressing the most complex healthcare challenges, with the most innovative solutions both now and for the future. manufacturer of thermostats (incubators), CO2 incubators, dry sterilizers, dryers, air conditioning chambers, vacuum dryers, and ultra-freezers.
  • Nabertherm (DE) – manufacturer of muffle, tubular, circulating, vacuum, melting, high temperature, and more.
  • Liebherr (DE) – manufacturer of laboratory and professional refrigerators and freezers.
  • Faster (IT) – manufacturer of vertical and horizontal laminar boxes, microbiological laminar boxes class II, fireplaces for cytostatic, chemical fireplaces, and ultra-freezers.
  • Systec (DE) – manufacturer of laboratory autoclaves and media perpetrators.
  • SMEG (IT) – manufacturer of laboratory and medical automatic dishwashers, laboratory refrigerators and freezers.
  • Elma (DE) – manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaning baths, steam jets and detergents.
  • 3M (USA)- manufacturer of personal protective equipment, consumables for hygiene and sterilization.
  • Carl Roth (DE) – manufacturer of everything for the laboratory.

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