Swiss GRC

Rreth Swiss GRC

We are a technology company in the fields of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC). Our core activity is developing and implementing GRC solutions for companies worldwide. In this context, we offer consulting, implementation, training, maintenance and support services. Swiss GRC AG is the sister company of Swiss Infosec AG.

Company Guideline

Our vision and mission are ideal guides and help us to find our orientation. They have an inspiring and motivating effect.

Our vision

Our vision is to make GRC an integral part of modern and digital corporate governance.

Our mission

We develop pioneering software solutions that help to understand GRC better, apply it easily and network it in a meaningful way.

Our history

The basic idea behind our Toolbox has already existed for 25 years. The former security management solution was further developed and expanded into a complete GRC solution. Out of this, our company has established itself. Our goal is to apply the experience we have gained and to continue adapting our GRC Toolbox to the dynamic needs of our customers.

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