Who We Are

Established in Kosovo, we may have emerged globally as a relatively new company in the telecommunication sector, but our teams are comprised with people with extensive knowledge and experience of more than 20 years in telecommunications and information technologies around the globe. In this regard we offer choices that provide our clients with a competitive advantage in the areas of telecommunications, advanced infrastructure, systems integration, managed services, collaboration, outsourcing, technical support and training. We meet current and future needs of clients and will continue to bring new technologies applicable to helping our clients remain successful. We provide solutions based on newest information technologies to address the ever growing needs of our clients.

Thanks to the strong partnerships with global partners and a wide range of in-depth knowledge of client’s requirements, our teams deliver a full spectrum of products and solutions with emphasis on high quality, reliability and maximum security. To meet the demands for communications services and answering to the big companies needs for complex solutions, we have developed and built an industry-specialized expert teams that truly understand the unique needs of our customers including but not limited to Telecommunication Carriers, Cable providers, Wireless service providers, System integrators, ISPs, Content providers, Oil & Gas Industry, Government, Military, Health, Transportation, Banking, etc..

We provide highly specialized services to major telecommunication carriers. This includes, but is not limited to: network architecture design, planning, consulting, implementation, integration and testing with a very strong expertise. We also provide on-site consulting services as well as management and coordination of the activities in a multi-vendor environment during the complete life-cycle of the project. On top of this, our teams also offer Project management services tailored to suit the clients’ needs starting from initial planning, to follow through, up to project completions.

Our knowledge of telecommunication networks offers us experience and know-how in unparalleled capacity, reach and flexibility including products and services incorporating bandwidth, virtual private networks, high speed internet access and transit, managed hosting, cloud services, communications services, media streaming, network automation, software development, all with the use and deployment of TDM, SDH, IP MPLS, Carrier Ethernet, DWDM and SD-WAN telecommunication delivery systems that when needed exclusively routed through first class global operators. With access to all the internal resources and customers, our labs have been established to offer different testing procedures and live traffic simulations. This ensures that all engineers are up-to-date with the trending technologies in the field of Telecommunications. For this purpose, we also provide through our Academy various in-house training classes to our employees to ensure that the companies stay in tune with the latest technologies.

We understand the value of skilled and satisfied employees and have gone above and beyond to offer our employees the highest benefits among the companies in the region. Our teams are an integral part of the company and they actively participate in our growth. They are our greatest resource and one of the main reasons why we have managed to prosper this far and be a success story.

A comprehensive portfolio of solutions and services is testament to our commitment to understand our client’s business needs and improve their operational efficiency.

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